Bad Movie Nite - Ep. 49 - Fateful Findings

Happy Almost Holidays, Bad Movie Nite listeners. Boy do we have an early Christmas (or Hannukah) present for you! If you haven't heard of Neil Breen, then hop on Youtube right now and WATCH. Watch all the glory that is Neil Breen and his four feature films. Apparently a real estate/businessman has a real passion for making movies, but no budget or any idea how to actually make a cohesive film, but the result is so Tommy Wiseau-esque it's just worth watching. It's so much more than that, you'll see. Aaron and Jeff (Nazli was still adulting, and if you can't tell we record 2 podcasts at once, derp dee derp) embark upon this adventure and enjoy the spectable that is "FATEFUL FINDINGS". So sit back and relax, for the 49th Edition of Bad Movie Nite!


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